This week in Memphis and World Water

I am having a pretty busy week in water. Some of it Memphis issues, some of it world issues, and some of it a marriage of both. So here, in no particular order is what is going on.

WATER winding wilderness8

  • I am proud to introduce social media hashtag #MemphisWater. My intention is to continue the branding of Memphis water and promote it into the national water/sustainability/economic conversation.
  • Tomorrow I will be immersed in the White House Water Summit taking place in our nation’s capital. I will be posting on social media throughout the day and putting up some blog posts as the event unfolds. This is one of the most important water conferences of the year. Watch for new tweets and blogs throughout the day.
  • In my own business dealings I am in the process of adding a product called Mobile Deionization (MODI) to the services I offer. MODI units are portable, tractor-trailer transported systems that help industry during emergency and repair. This will be the first time a high-purity water product of this nature will be available, centered in Memphis.
  • On a final note, 901Xthe state-of-the-art filtration media I am working on in conjunction with Christian Brothers University has shown thunderously strong initial lab results at removing toxic metals such as Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Lead and Chromium. If we stay on course, this media could help the world clean contaminated water at a fraction of the cost of current ion-exchange and granular activated carbon products. Adding icing to the cake, it would turn a current solid waste product into a commercially viable revenue producer. And just like the guy on Home Shopping Network; WAIT, THERE’S MORE; the production process involves no fossil fuel or toxic processing chemicals.

Stay Tuned!