This Week’s Reader Questions

Q. Can I add chlorine bleach to boiling water to make it safer?

A. You can indeed add chlorine bleach to boiling water, but it will not make the water any more safe. It might clean the air in your room but that’s about it. Chlorine bleach boils at only 1 degree higher than water, and it dissipates very quickly when the water is hot. If you add bleach to boiling water, most of it is going to wind up in the air. However, you can add chlorine bleach to water that has been boiled and cooled to keep organisms from growing.



Q. What is a three stage home water filter?

A. There are two basic types of cartridge water filters for home/consumer use. The most common is a Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter which removes chlorine compounds, has some use eliminating odors, and can be impregnated with silver particles to prohibit bacterial growth. The second type, the most growing in popularity are referred to as multistage filters. These filters often start with a layer of GAC but then add additional layers of other filtration media to remove specific toxins The layers are called stages and can include things like sand for particle filtration, ion exchange resin to remove heavy metals, and even mechanical filters to remove bacteria and viruses.

Q. Will drinking extra water lead to better skin?

A. No. Our body is comprised of 60% water, and the water is moved fairly easily by the body between skin, tissue, organs and blood. An individual who weighs 180 pounds for example is comprised of 108 pounds of water. How is drinking an extra glass or two of water going to affect that? It isn’t. If you drank 4 extra 8 ounce glasses, that would be a quart, roughly 2 pounds. And remember what happens when you drink a lot. You pee a lot. So drinking extra water won’t make you more hydrated, it will just make the sewer system more hydrated.

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