Thoughts for Home Drinking Water Products

Science Lab TestingI have designed, sold and operated ever manner and size of industrial, medical and drinking water system known to mankind, yet I do not have any stand-alone water purification technology in my home. I am an advocate for safe drinking water, disapprove of fluoride, and find events like the one in Flint, MI to be unacceptable. Still, other than the GE water filter on my refrigerator, I have no stand-alone water purification technology in my home.

I know what is in water, and I choose to trust my local water authority and the professionals who create drinking water standards. I am a big fan of refrigerator-based water filters for a few reasons. Activated carbon removes chlorine, silver impregnation keeps bacterial growth to a minimum, and the cold temperature of the fridge retards any type of organisms from growing. Truly, the common refrigerator water filter is the most simple and effective water product offered to the consumer today. Realize that it does not address some contaminants, such as fluoride, but nonetheless, it is good, helpful technology.

I have an issue with the pitcher type filters, and offer a few tips for you to keep your pitcher water cleaner and safer.

  • At a minimum of weekly, clean your pitcher with hot soapy water. Every 48 hours is better, but at least weekly.
  • Keep your pitcher in the refrigerator. The low temperature will slow bacterial and other organism growth
  • Keep your pitcher out of the sunlight. Sun stimulates photosynthesis and will aid algae, fungi, yeast, mold and spores.
  • Every couple weeks soak your filter in a chlorine solution to kill lingering bacteria. A teaspoon of Chlorox in a gallon of water is the proper concentration. Make sure you have a soak time of 60 minutes, and do an aggressive rinse, 7 – 8 times the pitcher volume to rinse out any residual chlorine.

I would like to see a pitcher product offer an ultraviolet light with a small pump to keep water moving. This would really help to keep organic growth and incrimination to a minimum.


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