“Tom, Do You Drink Bottled Water?” “Isn’t That All A Scam”

First off, bottled water is not a scam. I drink bottler water strictly for convenience. When traveling or on an outdoor excursion it makes great sense. For parties and picnics, bottled water makes perfect sense. In addition, some folks believe in drinking alkaline water or vitamin water while others like minerals of sparkling water.

For people sensitive to Chlorine, bottled water also makes good sense.
It is important to remember that the reasons for drinking bottled water are not always dark, serious, social/health related. Some folks just like the different taste options different products offer.

For those who are skeptical and critical of bottled water, a bit of scientific education would be worth investing some time in. The bottled water industry is impeccable with regards to manufacturing, purity, safety, packaging, and distribution.

People love to slam bottled companies for promoting their products, but at the same time will espouse goofy health claims for their own water preferences. If you want to know how responsible bottled water companies do some research into bottled water recalls versus incidents of municipal water providers issuing boil/do not drink orders.

At the end of the day, to the human body, all water is equal. The pH in our stomach is 3 or less. Furthermore, there are not enough minerals or vitamins in water to impact our health in any way, provided we are eating a sustainable diet. So yes, I drink bottled water. If the mood or opportunity hit you to drink a bottled water product, you should do so and not concern yourself with anything but quenching your thirst.