Vegas – A Water Model For The World

Every day we read about water in America. Unfortunately, most of what we read are articles about water catastrophes. Stories describing the kind of contamination we learned about it Flint Michigan, and the EPA dumping chromate into a Colorado River tributary have become commonplace. Sadly, no matter how many times we read about water tragedies after our initial shock we open up our own faucet, and if our water is still good, we go back into a lulled sense of security about our own water.

Most of America is still ambivalent about water until the crisis hits home. Only then do people rise up to express concern.

Enter the city of Las Vegas. Water has long been a top priority for people in this area. From the creation of the Lake Mead water system to the Boulder Dam project, Las Vegas, and the entire State of Nevada remains dedicated and hard at work to answer water problem of tomorrow, today. As we speak engineers are preparing a deeper water intake should Mother nature not return lake Mead to higher water levels. The city of Las Vegas currently recycles its wastewater, cleaning it and sending it back to Lake Mead for reuse.

I am on my way this afternoon to meet with a top researcher at the UNLV to discuss how the technology my company offers might help the ongoing efforts in Las Vegas to ease an anticipated water crisis. If you browse the UNLV website for water-related research you will surely be impressed. Equally impressive to me is the universitie’s open-minded approach to learning about new water technology. I am here to tell you that if we don’t begin to address our failing water infrastructure and increasing water contamination, we will suffer terrible health and quality of life consequences.


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