Volinchak : 27 – Fauchi, WHO, CDC : 0

Notwithstanding, my ego is enormous. If you are a friend you know this. If you are a colleague on any given day you will cheer me, or cringe; many times you will do both. However, if you are a believer in science, even if I piss you off, you will eventually come to see that the words I offer are sound.

Without an argument from me, I agree that Covid-19 articles are out of the main orbit of this blog. At the same time, as a Christian, a man of science, and one who cares about you, it is beyond my composure and control not to lash out at those charlatans who the public believes are experts on virology. So, until I feel we are on an honest track, I am going to persist.

A week ago I wrote an article saying that masks are not effective. I cited indefatigable, scientifically sound reasons for my positions. There is one big takeaway I want readers to keep close at hand from that article;

Every aspect of our world is now inoculated, and the virus is going to continue infecting more and more of us. The natural progress of a virus is to infect 75% of the population, and so this is where we are headed.


One of the reasons Covid spread will increase is because the HVAC systems in our homes, businesses and vehicles are contaminated as is all the indoor air we breathe.

Once again, science has completely escaped the “experts” but yes, after-the fact, here they are agreeing with me as if they discovered this science on their own.

Please, examine the a recent release by the WHO in which;

  • They now accept my proclamations that SARS-CoV-2 has airborne potential that they overlooked (I didn’t,)
  • They now acknowledge that they have had to bring in engineers. As I told you, a physician, a nurse, a lab pro has absolutely no training in particle distribution, filtration dynamics and projection due to air currents.
  • Listen to the second woman (MORON) who speaks. She claims, “the science is changing every day”. Really? So the laws of Gravity, Thermodynamics, Enthalpy, Van Der Waals Forces, Mass Balance, Substrate Adhesion, and even Quantum Physics change every day? Wow! Who knew?

Sorry folks, science is consistent. It does not change. That Fauci, The WHO, and CDC have constantly changed their stories and predictions, and only now realize they must seek alternative voices, tells you clearly that these organizations, these experts, the Media, and a large portion of our government are enemies of the American people.



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    1. More to follow. Todays’ blog will again point things out about HVAC that the “experts” don’t know. But after reading me, they will.
      Stay tuned.

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