Water and Health – What Will You Do?

WATER horseshoe WOWWe all read about the horror in Flint. The other day I posted an article illuminating 1,400 municipal drinking systems throughout the US that were, with full knowledge of the EPA, exceeding safe limits for lead and other toxic metals. Add to this, it is almost every day that we hear of other horrors that involve fracking, drilling or irresponsible industrial/personal environmental behaviors.

We scream in outrage; we protest; we even cry. Then a week passes and we get back to our normal daily activities, numbed by the fact that the water problems have not yet hit us. We drink our water, which is still safe, and then concerns over the long-term care of our water fade into the shadows of summer barbecue and vacations.

Friends, it is very clear to me, and it should by now be very clear to you that government is not going to protect our water. They spend $billions on EPA nonsense, and the EPA itself, just this year, dumped millions of gallons of toxic waste into a tributary of the Colorado River. Of course, this is the government, so there were no fines, no penalties, no rolling heads.

WATER PUMPI want to urge all of you to get involved with your local water authorities. Form a collective group. Get to know the water treater. Learn about water chemistry, biology and analytical parameters. Grow the interest in your community because I am here to tell you, if we citizens do not take charge of our drinking water, we will all suffer unmentionable consequences. One only has to read the daily news to learn that our water is not being safeguarded. Each day, more and more of it is being put at risk.

Here in Memphis, I am proud to be a part of a new organization called the Blue Stream Task Force (BSTF). Still in its infancy, started by visionary former mayor A.C. Wharton, the organization has assembled the very best minds from the water, waste and sustainability communities to set forward practices, legislation and education to promote and protect the great water Memphis is blessed with.

I cite the Edwards Aquifer Authority as a truly great model for communities to shoot for. So now, the ball is in your court.



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