Water Crimes! Arrest Governor Jerry Brown?

Now that I have your attention, I really don’t know if I am kidding or not. Certainly, I revile the neglect our Government has for our drinking water. Sadly, the horror stories of America being poisoned by water are not just limited to Flint, Michigan. When I saw Barack Obama, a man with no water science background drink a glass of Flint water and assure the residents that it was safe, I lamented this tragedy and clenched my fists in anger at the same time. That water is not safe!

However, segue with me to California and Governor Jerry Brown. Twice this man was elected governor of California and in almost 16 years, his State has more water crises than you can shake a divining rod at. As his people suffer from water shortage, and as their lands burn from forest firest, Jerry blames climate change while setting aside millions of dollars for law-breaking illegal aliens.

Why am I being so rough on the Moonbeam? Follow with me, and you too will have an ax to grind with this man.

A couple of years back while facing drought and water shortage, the State of California had to dump hundreds of millions of gallons of fresh water out of the Folsom Reservoir. to make room for the millions of gallons of new water coming to California in the way of abundant snow-melt and spring rains. Are you following with me? C’mon, it isn’t hard to see where I am taking this. In the 70’s a hippie recorded the hit song, ” It never rains in Southern California”. And yet, neither Governor Brown or any his political colleagues ever thought to build additional reservoirs to hold the tremendous amounts of rain and snow-melt Southern California historically receives over the long haul.

The same holds true for protecting California from wildfires. California has always suffered devastating wildfires yet the buffoons who run our government never thought to implement pipelines from the oceans and additional reservoirs so that quenching water could be nearer the millions vulnerable to wildfires.

Now, it is no secret that such infrastructure projects could take a decade or more to complete. However, if elected officials had forward enough vision, if we started such projects 40 years ago when we first identified our looming problems, perhaps today these wildfires would have been nothing more than a mild nuisance. Perhaps Californians would not have to suffer water rationing?

I believe America needs to take a hard look at adding water crimes to the existing statutes. Of course, I am not suggesting that Jerry Brown is a criminal, but I am suggesting that going forward perhaps we do need new laws on the books that will punish politicians who don’t aggressively address their communities’ water problems. Brown is not the only water-neglect-er, America is polluted with them.