Water – Danger

I frequently call water the most dangerous substance in the human experience. People pooh-pooh my words and for sure, it is easy to minimize my warnings, open the tap, take a big gulp and reply to me, “ooh, look, I am drinking the most dangerous liquid in the universe”.

Of course the citizens of Flint Michigan would more than likely take my side of this issue.

Just in the past few days, five elected/appointed Flint officials were indicted and charged with involuntary manslaughter in deaths and illness resulting from their failure to disclose a Legionella contamination in local water supplies. 12 dead and 79 people ill as a result of the deadly bacteria in the Flint water supply, occurring after the now-infamous lead poisoning incident in that same city.

I say it all the time. Water, in the wrong hands is the greatest threat to man. Bar nothing.

People love to talk about water. Sadly, there are far too many politicians, advocates, water officials and appointees making decisions about water when they have absolutely no scientific or practical, hands-on training in water.

I urge you again; get involved with your local water. Study chemistry, biology and water treatment. Get your local water workers to do more than just occasional reports. Citizens must become educated about water. Otherwise, we will continue to be poisoned.


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