Water – Dangerous Water!

Elsewhere in this blog I have exposed some caveats about the danger water represents to you and I. I am going to keep pounding this one issue from time-to-time because I  don’t believe the public yet understands all the dangers that water represents to you and I. It frustrates me that we still have such a lackadaisical attitude toward water.

In pointing out the water is a universal solvent and will dissolve what it comes into contact with, I highlighted the ways water can pick up dangerous contaminants. In pointing out how charlatans looking to capitalize on the world-wide water crisis, in coming days, will be engaging in a wide array of unacceptable practices, perhaps even illegal ones.water demon

I talked about things like individuals making false product claims, stealing water, performing improper treatment, polluting, and even depleting water supplies for personal benefit.

Enter if you will the case of Flint, Michigan. A link to a CNN article covering this story is included at the end of this post. To save money the city of Flint decided to discontinue using water out of Lake Huron, which they were paying the city of Detroit for, and instead switch to a local river which would be expense free.

Because of a lack of water education, both in the general public and within the local scientific community, residents have now been exposed to months of drinking water containing hazardous contaminants. The two water sources are so vastly different in composition, the existing water treatment facility and  treatment program were incapable of delivering safe drinking water.

People, stop posting pictures of your kids on Facebook all day long. and start spending some time learning about your water and who treats it.