Water – If You Pour It, They will Come!

WATER beautiful fountainWater is the origin of life! How many times have you heard that? Countless, no doubt. Science students learn very early on how there can be no life without water. How true is this? Just ask NASA. Their frantic search for life on other planets centers on first finding evidence of water. But do we really understand how powerful and important water really is? Do you? I don’t think so, I think we take water for granted and have no idea just how much of our day-to-day lives would not exist without water.

Forget health benefits for a moment, and lets focus on economics. For sure billions of dollars are generated from water transportation, water sports, pools/swimming, fishing, vacation and nature activities. But it goes so much further than that. The revenue reaped from the sales of home water filtration products, bottled water, vitamin-injected water, alkaline water, water testing products and healing gimmicks is astronomical. Always, it is the magic of water that lures us.

Perhaps the greatest marketing job ever done on the selling of water has been pulled off with The Fountain Of Youth in Saint Augustine, Florida. From the very beginning, when it was first discovered by Juan Ponce de Leon in 1513, the water from the Floridian Aquifer was designated and broadcast to the world as a magical water that could grant everlasting life and health. What ensued was the greatest marketing of water in this history of mankind.

WATER drinking fountainThe city of Saint Augustine has built a magnificent augment to their local tourism, an economic opportunity for citizens, and a tremendous message of good-will and positive image through their water. The truth of the matter is that the water is actually not very good. Even after filtration with Reverse Osmosis, many of the local drinking water tests come back with Total Dissolved Solids levels that are above the recommended EPA limits. Make no mistake, those contaminants are not harmful ones and this water is perfectly safe to drink, the point here is that people want to believe in the magic properties of water. Even if the advertised benefits of that water are not scientifically valid, the urge to find the real fountain of youth, drives men to the most ridiculous lengths, journeys and expenditures of money.

Here in Memphis, I am passionately immersed in bringing the magnificence of Memphis water to the world. Unlike the water of Ponce de Leon, The water in my fair city is indeed the best water in the world. The water in Memphis is something people should know about. One day, if I have my way, it will attract tourism, scientific acclaim, an influx of new manufacturing jobs, new water-based college degrees and training, conventions, and good will to build the cities image.

I feel a great kinship with Ponce. He certainly showed the world the great economic potential of water.



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