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It is no secret that I consider El Paso Water Utilities as perhaps the most progressive and exemplary water management and protection effort in the world. Again, if you are active in improving the manner in which your community handles water, you should visit the website of El Paso Water @ www.epwu.org. Whether you are a concerned consumer, scientist, or conservationist, there is much of interest for you.

My comments today have to do with a project called Northwest Reclaimed Water Project . According to their website, this project “provides more than 520 million gallons of reclaimed water per year to a golf course, seven schools, ten parks, several condominium associations, town-homes, apartments, and residential customers for irrigation of landscapes.”

What stands out most to me is the forward thinking that is driving this project. One of the challenges a growing population faces is providing enough fresh water to sustain itself. It is impossible to force Earth to produce more water, and it is not practical to inhibit population growth. The logical solution then is to collect, harvest, and reuse as much water as possible. El Paso Water Utilities is doing a great job on all of those fronts.

There is also a great warning in this message as well. Because it is impossible to predict future rain patterns, or population growth, and because it is impossible to predict the future quality of our known water sources, it would be wise for all communities, even those with a current abundance of fresh water, to follow the lead provided by El Paso Water and begin reclaiming as much fresh water as possible.Click on the bold link below to learn more about the water efficiency program of El Paso Water.

Northwest Reclaimed Water Project

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