Water! No Calling Is More Important!

As precious as water is one would think that the corporations and men involved with it would be of the highest, noblest character. Sadly, some of the worst scoundrels one could ever meet have leading roles in our behavior toward water.

Safety for those who drink water have always been more precious to me than a dollar bill. In 1983 Doctor Chester Amedia, M.D., hired me as Chief Technician of Dialysis at Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Youngstown, Ohio, to fix a problematic water system that was regularly contaminated with bacteria. I was a rookie, but with the hardest work of my life, in a relatively short time, and I say this in humility, I corrected the problem and began a lifelong journey with water.

The reasons I fixed the system had nothing to do with my intelligence or even hard work. I found a fix because every day I saw Mothers, Fathers, children, laborers, executives and every form of humanity coming to the clinic three times per week for a punishing, anguish-filled treatment that they hoped would keep them alive. The thought that what I was called to do could help protect them was a calling far greater than anything I could ever have imagined. Still today, I remember the patients, their families and even their exclamations of laughter at my jokes, and horrible cries when the treatment sent their bodies into writhing pain.

So you see, my passion for water goes far deeper than my understanding of science and engineering. It is rooted in my care for everyone who takes a drink of water with the blind trust that it is safe. In the coming weeks this website is going to be revamped and will be uniquely focused on bringing a much higher moral and ethical standard to our water behavior

The noises echoing in my head from poor water behavior need to be fixed.

  • How could the residents of Flint, Michigan be knowingly poisoned? Why is it continuing?
  • Water CEOs with no experience in water, motivated only by sales, and self promotion
  • Fatally failing water infrastructure from decades of neglect by our leaders
  • Water technology sales based on revenue and growth with the needs of the consumer an afterthought
  • Total lack of water education available for the average citizen

I have earned my living for 35 years by fixing water. Never, other than wanting to be paid fairly for my work was my motivation financial gain. I promise you, there are a lot of Water Doctors just like me in this world of ours. Sadly, people like them are seldom seen or heard. Please stay tuned, because all that is bout to change.



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