Water on a deserted Island

Distillaton Apparatus 6
Think Coconut Shells and Palm Leaves

Who hasn’t watched Gilligan’s Island or any movie about being stuck on a deserted island and wondered what they would do for water. Woe would be us, right? Ah, not so much. Clean water is everywhere, if you are knowledgeable and prepared for your crash. Here are some important things to remember.

Anything you boil, even your own pee, will produce distilled water in the form of steam/vapor. So, build a fire, put a container of sea-water (empty cocnut shell) then put a collector over the steam and direct it to a container to collect it in. A big palm leaf, or banana tree leaf will work just fine.

If you are flying or sailing near the ocean and have such a worry over being a castaway, you might want to carry with you a nice big sheet of thick plastic, a container and even a folded up roll of aluminum foil. Lay the aluminum foil down flat, using stones to make sure it doesn’t blow away.sun-20 Next, about 2 -3 feet over the foil, up on some pegs or rocks, stretch out your plastic sheet. Put a couple light rocks in the center of the plastic sheet to give it a depression in the middle. Finally, place a collection container under the depression you just made in the plastic. Voila! You’re done. The sun will cause evaporation and you will get water from enhanced condensation of the sun being reflected off the aluminum foil.

Who carries this kind of stuff on vacation? Well, ah, I have to admit. I don’t. I am very trusting of the airlines and GPS technology to find me. But hey, for you lovers of the apocalypse, part of the fun is in the knowing what you would do. right?


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