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My last three posts have taken some shots at the parts of the water industry that I think need fixed. If you have read me for any length of time you know that I have not used my website to sell or pimp products. Instead, I focus on the application, the consumer, and the problem. However, in the case of the company Glanris, I am not shy at all about foraying into the theater of technology promotion.

For new readers, Glanris is a water company that I conceptualized, designed and put into the real world based on my faith (remember that world from my last post), that it could help bring safe drinking water to people across the globe, and it could also help the environment, including cleaning up our polluted water. Glanris purification media was invented by my partner and friend Doctor Liu L. Lin, Ph.D. from Christian Brothers University right here in Memphis, TN.

Glanris media offers a high “Green Potential” because it is made from a natural, cast-off component of rice, namely the husks. The Earth is drowning in this material, sending it to landfill, burning it, and literally throwing it away. So taken as a whole, Glanris media reduces waste, cleans water, replaces fossil fuel-based filtration technologies, and reduces the amount of carbon being put back into the environment, and then keeps it from re-entering the atmosphere. Boom!

And if that news wasn’t good enough please take note that some of the most polluted waters in the world, where the citizens are most starved of clean water, are in areas that have an abundance of rice husks. How green and ethical is that?

If you examine the Glanris website, you will see no advertising gimmicks,  no sales specials, or “Hey Glanris Man” style pimping. Instead, you will see an applications approach. Glanris speaks of contaminants, problems, droughts, climate issues, pollution and water shortages. Yes, the company wants to make a profit, but unlike many of the big guys, the mantra here is that if the company simply fixes water problems, success will follow.

Along the way, this long, steady approach is how all successful water companies were built. For Glanris, the future is long and bright!

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