Welcome to the NEW – Water Is The New Gold

Well, kind of. After 5 years of having a good friend of mine host and help manage my site, I have mover it entirely, Hosting and managing to a new company. My former manager moved on to other things and was just not readily available. The good news is that the migration to the new location is complete and we suffered no downtime, The woman who manages my social media will still be here making me look good.

So, what’s on the agenda for 2019? A bunch.

Glanris – The launch is still in an all-engines-full-speed-ahead mode. We have customers lined up to take delivery of our very first commercial batches, the major water services companies wanting to test and add our media to the products they offer joint, budding projects with the most progressive city/state water protectors in the US., research with two prestigious US Universities, and a study showing emphatically that if you know what to look for, here are scientific signs my hometown water source, The Memphis Sand Aquifer, is deteriorating. This will serve as a good exercise to help people understand the much bigger scope in which we need to be looking at water.

The Political Edge – With the Green New Deal stimulating environmental activism like never before I decided to begin a series interviewing some of our most prominent elected officials and educating them on the world water crisis. Ambitions for sure, but worth some effort.

Contests – I haven’t figured this one out yet, but I am hammering out some ideas for a monthly water knowledge contest with prizes for the winners.

Continued Excellence – At being THE source for Water information.