What are the end products of Reverse Osmosis? – Reader Question of the Day!

The end products are multiple.

  • The product water using a typical US municipal feed water will approximate distilled quality water
  •  Depending on if the RO is a consumer or industrial RO the rejected waste stream will have all the contaminants concentrated into a volume range of 1/4 – to – 17 gallons for every one gallon of clean water produced
  • Either salt from a water softener regeneration or antiscalant chemicals will be released into the drain
  • Sediment will accumulate on a prefilter which will either have to be disposed of, or rinsed clean and reused. In either case the sediment captured will be returned to the environment
  • Activated carbon will be consumed either in a disposable filter or a backwashable carbon filter. Either way the spent carbon will need to be replaced.


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