“Once upon a time a sales manager asked at a meeting, Do you sell the customer what he wants, or what he needs? The answer to the query is Neither, you sell them what you got?” I never found this anecdote to be particularly funny, and after working for some of the largest water technology companies in the world, I realized sadly, that when customers buy from these giants, the system they wind up with is quite often an over-designed, fat-cow design whose components were chosen to satisfy product sales budgets, and not customer needs.”

My systems are small, svelte, efficient, squared-away and harnessed forever to the task that you asked me to help you address. I leave the fat for the other guys.

One thought on “Mission Statement

  1. Hi Tom,

    Thank you for your mission. I’m in the process of learning about various Zeolites for water filtration. It is interesting and exciting. Eight years ago, my health changed dramatically for the better when I began drinking ionized water. Now, my journey, and my/our mission is continually expanding; which requires a steep learning curve about water processing technologies. I’d enjoy and value some of your time when appropriate; leveraging expertise is a basic tenant of getting things done right. I want to expand what we offer and utilize for processing healthy water.

    Again, thank you!
    Marcus Eddy
    Path 2 Water Group

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