What Your Mask Will and Will Not Do!

4 months ago, I was the only one on record, in print, at least that I am aware of, that predicted no matter what we do, Covid-19 cases were going to escalate at ever increasing rates.

Even if you are the most ardent believer in masks and Fauci the CDC, and the WHO you cannot deny that none of them have been able to stand by their stories. Over-and-over, these so called experts changed what they were telling us. In any other era, the media would have called these people down on the carpet. However, with our lives at stake, they put agenda before the American people.

What they have told the public about masks is nothing short of a bastardization of science.

For sure, what I say contradicts these TV buffoons. What it does not contradict are the laws of science. Sadly, the average Joe doesn’t pick up science books to keep people on TV in check. For all our good, when someone makes a claim about science, we need to start going back to textbooks to judge them. We cannot get our science from the media and from political appointees.

So let’s get to it, what will your mask do?

  • It will stop 3/4 of your spittle, which if infected can transmit infection to others.

The problem is, 1/4 of the spittle is still released. Also, countless particles unseen to the naked eye are also released, all containing virus. Think about this: A virus is as small as 0.04 microns. A mask is typically a 20 – 50 micron screen.

What does that mean? It means that the openings that allow air to travel out your mask are 500 – 1250 times larger than the virus. Would a doorway 1500 – 3,750 feet wide stop people from passing through? That is the same particle size dynamic of your mask and a virus, and we are told masks are effective.

  • Surgeons wear masks, that proves they work! Nope! Surgeons wear masks to stop spittle from going into open wounds. If masks worked to stop infection, can you explain to me why until now, masks have never been worn by hospital nurses, technicians, dieticians, secretaries, maintenance workers, volunteers and visitors, other than in certain intensive care situations, but not the majority?

Think about this, without a mask, in public, your spittle, like a bowling ball dropped off of a building, is heavy and will quickly fall to the ground.

  • The virus needs water, quickly falls to the ground so social distancing works. Nope! Ever watch dust particles dancing forever in a window sunbeam? Those particles are 50 – 200 times larger than the virus particle. Why don’t they fall to the ground?
  • Water? Our air can have as much as 90% humidity. This provides literally oceans and oceans of water for a virus particle to be happy and prosper.

Ponder this. Pollen particles are 250 – 5,000 times as large as a virus, yet the wind blows them all across the globe causing new trees, bushes and allergies to spring up everywhere. Yet, millions of virus particles escaping our masks every breath, somehow avoid the laws of nature that govern all other particles? This is one magic virus.

Again, not until 65% of us are infected with Covid – 19 will the disease be under control. A vaccine will not do this, a mask will not do this, and social distancing will not do this. Regardless of Biden, Trump or the tooth fairy, man cannot affect nature in any meaningful way. Everything around us has now been inoculated with the Virus. The virus is everywhere and remember, a virus is a living organism. Blocking only part of them does nothing.

So here is the deal. I am like the Hans and Franz characters. Listen to me now and believe me later.

I ask that you come back when this is all resolved. Read my words now and then compare them to the ones of the ones you trusted. Do that, and then post a comment on this link.