What’s in YOUR Water? Part 3 – Purity

Lab 1People love to talk about pure water, and the opinions about what pure water his, and where you can find it are probably as abundant as the stars. I know of no other topic that attracts so much speculation, inference, false claims and folklore as the topic of pure water.

So let me lay it out for you. Pure water does not exist in nature. Ponce de Leon spent his life searching for a fountain of youth, and if you are looking for pure water, unless you go into a high-tech manufacturing plant or a laboratory, you will not find it.

Here is why:

Water is said to be a dipole molecule. That means it has a slightly positive electrical charge at one end, and a slightly negative charge at the other end. Water doesn’t dissolve and as such it never loses those charges. So, when water comes into contact with anything, minerals, waste products, plastics, you name it, water will dissolve those things, and those things will go into solution.

Hence, this is why all drinking water is contaminated. Now, the contamination may be harmless or it may be harmful. In scientific circles water is referred to as the universal solvent. Over time, water will dissolve every substance know to man. This is why it is so important for man to protect the environment. Any time we pollute our air or land, like it or not, we pollute our water was well.

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