What’s new with GLANRIS?

I have not posted about Glanris, Inc, for a couple of months. We have been extremely busy with our launch and decided to bring you guys up to date.

From an organizational standpoint, we have added a Director of Technology, raised considerable financial commitment from multiple investor groups, found a home for our first production and proving facility, initiated the design of our second-step major production facility, and raised considerable interest based on the performance of our various media. Here are a few active and game-changing projects we have in the works:

  • The creation of a new, super replacement filter for the home appliance and faucet  We have entered the NSF certification process
  • The creation of a new replacement filter for the Brita/Zero brand filters. We offer greater toxin removal and lower cost
  • New air filtration media for personal air masks and whole-house / commercial applications
  • A new brand of media that reduces the world’s demand for expensive, resource-demanding, fossil fuel-dependent  coconut shell carbon

In addition, Glanris media is being proven to be effective for cleaning stormwater, land-fill runoff, mining contamination, and carcinogenic organics.We are demonstrating efficacy at improving air quality in aircraft, cruise ships, trains, and other closed spaces where people gather. We also have designed a new water filtration pitcher, a concept for a camping/emergency drinking water kit, and just for good measure, have found a promising application in increasing the effectiveness of silver-impregnated wraps used in the treatment of wounds and burns.

To say that our plate is full would be an understatement. Stay tuned, hold on and join us for what is going to be one hell of a ride. In the meantime, if you have an application or challenge with contaminated water, drop me a line. We would love to help out.