In the coming week or so I am going to do a few technical clarifications of the Zero Water Pitcher/Filters. If you do an Internet search on the product you will find a lot of problems, questions and claims about the actual real world performance of these products.

Throughout my blog there are technical articles that explain why there is not to date, a single, properly designed water filter system for home use. Regardless of what you purchased, your product is not designed properly to keep you and your family guaranteed with safe drinking water. As the Internet complaints and questions will bear, I am spot on. So stay tuned for some videos and new information to help you understand the shortcomings of Zero Water products, and other water products as well.


If ever there was a horse’s ass gimmick to sell water technology, this zero TDS nonsense takes the cake. Just what does zero TDS mean? What is TDS? Is TDS an indicator of water safety?

TDS is an acronym for Total Dissolved Solids. What are TDS? Well, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Lead, Chromium, and Aluminum all exist in water as dissolved solids. Adding them all together gives one the TDS value.

Now, do you notices something about this list? Of course! Dissolved solids by themselves are neither good, bad or otherwise; they are merely dissolved chemicals. Calcium and Iron are good for you. Chromium and Nickel are not. Many fine commercially available mineral water products have a lot of TDS. Perrier, one of the finest, safest, most delicious bottled waters available actually has about 505 parts-per-million (ppm) TDS; a value higher than the EPA recommended maximum TDS level for tap water. So why does the FDA not crack down on Perrier? It is because all the TDS in Perrier are good for you! Truthfully, in most of our food sources,  the TDS levels of safe minerals may go into the 1000’s.


In my next article, we will talk about what zero TDS actually means to the consumer and how this quality of water presents more risk than it eliminates. Until next time:


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