National Groundwater Association Convention – Vegas Epilog

Just a brief recap here for those of you interested in groundwater. The NGWA association is the most potent group for promoting and educating on the topic of groundwater. I made some great contacts here for my work with my new corporation, Glanris, but came away with a few things standing out in my mind.

National Groundwater Week – Dec 3 – 7 – Vegas Baby

I am about to head out to my favorite place on Earth to attend one of the greatest water events of the year. I speak of course about Las Vegas and the Annual Conference of the National Groundwater Association. This is the marquee event for what is called National Groundwater Week and the attendees include some of the worlds most knowledgeable and accomplished experts in the area of groundwater.

Water Crimes! Arrest Governor Jerry Brown?

Now that I have your attention, I really don’t know if I am kidding or not. Certainly, I revile the neglect our Government has for our drinking water. Sadly, the horror stories of America being poisoned by water are not just limited to Flint, Michigan. When I saw Barack Obama, a man with no water science background drink a glass of Flint water and assure the residents that it was…