Home Water Filtration – What You Need To Know

I am constantly inundated with inquiries as to what the best home water filtration system is. Soon, our company, Glanris will actually produce and make available the ultimate water system. Until then, the best thing I can do is to offer some technical highlights to help you make the best possible choice for your own water filtration needs. So here we go.


Okay, I admit it. his post may involve a wee bit of shameless self-promotion involved, however as Walt Whitman wrote, “If you done it, it ain’t braggin”. That said, here we go. I am proud to introduce you to my latest creation and installation, a brand new 40 gallon-per-minute RO System that will be installed into a new Memphis food plant that still remains under wraps. Fed by a 36″…

GLANRIS Has Formed and assumed ownership of 901X! Read All About It

If you have been following my antics, you have no doubt read about the brilliant and exciting new water filtration media that we labeled 901X, as a place-holder name. over the past 18 months I have given glimpses of what this media can do, and today am proud to present to you our new company, GLANRIS. Our website, just a teaser of things to come, is online at GLANRIS.COM.