Drinking Water
What is Better Boiled Or Distilled

Understanding The Technology Tap water is simply the water that comes out of your faucets when you open them. For many decades, in most industrialized

Four Mind Blowing Secrets About Your Aquifer

AQUIFER CONFUSION The world is now waking up to the terrors of vanishing groundwater. Increasing consumption and temporary droughts have led many communities that rely

Drinking Water
5 Secrets To Reduce PFAS

What Is PFAS PFAS is an acronym for a class of chemicals known as Per-Fluoro-Alkyl-Substances. Dupont invented this chemical and labeled it Teflon, however, today

How Do You Like The New Site?

Hello friends and foes. If you haven’t noticed I have not been active with my blog this past year. I had one hell of a

Drinking Water
Why is the water Pink in Maui?

As if Hawaii has not suffered enough, now the water in a pond in Maui has turned pink. Some are reacting like the citizens in

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