Beware – Non-Chlorinated Water !!!!

I have written about this before and it is so important, I want to write about it again, just from a little different perspective. I recently was asked to analyze one of the major consumer water pitchers for a slimy feeling and an odd smell. The problem is, and a lot of folks are reporting this, is that once you purify water, the lack of chlorine allows organisms to grow.

We minimize the organisms present in the air, and we forget that without chlorine these organisms; bacteria, viruses, algae, and more, are free to grow. We recognize how bad this stuff is to breathe in, and we are always watching our local air quality but we don’t realize that these things are even worse when introduced into our water because they will multiply rapidly.

Whether it is half drank bottled water, our swimming pools, dog bowls, toothbrushes, bath-tubs and more, water without chlorine in it presents health hazards to us and those we love. Always remember, after 24 hours, most of the chlorine originally found in tap water will have dissipated and the door for organisms to proliferate will be wide open.

Here is a simple example. Look at the water-trough I have for my puppy Stella to splash in. Look at the green cast in the bottom of the pool. After only a few days outside, the water is already contaminated. Who even knows what nasty things are alive in that water? All things that could cause a variety of infections to a puppy. So remember, after 24 hours, get rid of standing water.



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