Can Drinking Water Be Too Pure?

Man is on a constant journey to find the ultimate drinking water. Pure water, pure water, I tell ya, damn it, we want pure water. Seems to make sense, doesn’t it? Yeah, well pure ain’t all it is cracked up to be.

Zero Water likes to boast 0 TDS. 0 TDS is one of the designations of deionized water. The problem with drinking such water is that being totally devoid of ions, pure water is “hungry” to dissolve any readily available ions (minerals) that it comes into contact with. For the drinker of 0 TDS water, the calcium in teeth will begin to leach out into the water. Over time, this depletion of calcium in the teeth could be quite problematic. So, go ahead, drink pure water, but not a lot of it.

Likewise, pure water has no chlorine in it. This means it has no way to prevent bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and other critters from growing. So, if you are drinking pure water? Don’t let it sit around too long after you open it because once opened, live organisms will begin to proliferate in it. Think about pond water. Pond water was once pure water…….

Wash clothes in pure water? Ah, maybe not so smart. A lot of dyes and fabric additives have ionic chemicals in them. Pure water will dissolve and pull many of these chemicals out of the fiber.

So the takeaway? To be safe and compliant with our lives, it is good for water to be contaminated, but only with things that are good for us. Once water has a certain level of these good things in them, it becomes far more stable and less reactive to the bad substances in contact with it.

Oh yeah, the pooch in the photo is my beloved puppy Pebbles. I had to put pebbles down in July of 2017 and I still cry for her every now and then. Like me, she loved water.

Tommy V
Tommy V
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