Cleaner Pools With UV Sanitization

With summer soon upon us folks are getting ready to open their swimming pools. Over time we have all grown more sensitive to pool water contaminants. As trusting as we Americans are, who among us hasn’t had a second thought about disease and infection when swimming in a swimming pool? Truth be told, we should be concerned because if pool water is not properly filtered and treated chemically, it can indeed become problematic.

Since the swimming pool was first commercialized, chlorine has been, and still remains the sanitizing agent of choice. It is a great oxidizing agent that kills a broad spectrum of bad contaminants. But it is not fool proof. Proper chlorination requires the manager of the pool to closely monitor the concentration in the pool. Since chlorine dissipates over time, it is important that chlorine be added regularly to maintain safe contaminant levels.

Ultraviolet light systems are a great additions to existing pool chlorination/filtration systems and can be added quite easily by any good plumbing contractor. UV light destroys the reproductive abilities of bacteria. It wont remove them from the water, but with chlorine, it will provide a tremendous 1-2 punch to keep your pool clean.

Swimming Pool UV


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