It is good to be back in the saddle posting again. I took a little time to do some work around the house that needed it, and squeezed in some sales calls while attending a scientific conference in Las Vegas. As I promised however, I have returned to talk a bit about distillation as it applies to water, but also to other chemicals as well.

What makes distillation so effective as a purification technology is that it involves the phase change of liquids, in other words a changing from liquid into a gas, and then, via condensation, back again into a liquid. Because most liquids have a boiling point that is unique to them, we can not only use distillation to collect and separate different liquids in a mix, but we can also use distillation as a detection tool at determining if specific chemicals are present in any given solution.

The accompanying video talks a wee bit more about this most interesting and diverse technology.


Tommy V
Tommy V
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