For The People Of Flint – God Bless All Of You

The President of the United States decided today to visit Flint, Michigan and put his two cents in. Talk about a delayed response? The problems in Flint still persist and a solution has not been provided.

I don’t know of any more important issue that our drinking water. That 100,000 people are suffering contaminated water, and months later nothing permanent is being done, is worse than sad. To me, the lack of proper response is as criminal as poisoning the water in the first place.

I have attached a PDF with some graphic representation slides to paint a visual picture for folks to go along with all the technical discussions we are seeing. In my professional opinion, the people of Flint are still not being told the entire truth, and no scientist, other than me, has offered up a 100% guaranteed way to protect the citizens who rely on the water in Flint Michigan.

Please download my PDF. It is free and even if it doesn’t make it’s way to the “Flintsonians”, hopefully some of you folks will learn a little more about water.

Flint Pipe 1

Tommy V
Tommy V
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