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Hello friends and foes. If you haven’t noticed I have not been active with my blog this past year. I had one hell of a year. I had emergency heart bypass surgery on Feb 10 for a widowmaker; a 90%+ blockage of my Aorta. This, after a cardiac workup and stress test showed that I was okay. Long story short, my family doctor saved my life. So, I am 40 pounds down, feeling great and banging on all cylinders.

If you havent noticed, my website has been updated and I am still learning to navigate it. On that note I have a favor to act. If you have subscribed to my site and were getting notices of my new blogs, could you kindly drop me an email @

PFAS – Perfluoro Alkyl substances. Also called forever chemicals, these chemicals are everywhere. They are carcinogenic and largely come from non-stick cookware and fire retardants. I have seen advetizements from many companies rising up to say, “we remove PFAS”. Do they? No. What they do is seperate PFAS from the water, so that you can recontaminate the environment when you dispose of your new water filter.

Water Shortages – True environmental records tell us that rainfall across the US has been increasing for the past 20 years and the the “drought” out west really isn’t a drought but instead is just the same normal water patterns that have been cyc ling through for the past 100 years. What we DO have a shortage of, are water savvy thinkers who realize that the solution to people not having enough water is easily solved. Build more reservois to capture the abundance of rain and snow melt we are blessed with. Build more evaporation and delainization plants. Run pipelines from the ocean and Great Lakes bringing security to our overpopulated cities. Stop building and expanding cities in areas that have limited water supplies.

Consumer Water Filters and NSF Certifications – None of these geniues offer a guarantee of safe drinking water. Stay tuned and watch me change it.

Helping You Achieve Safe Drinking Water – There is only one person in the US, perhaps the world that is qualified to do that. Me! Check out my book. Open Tap – Drink Poison and

I look forwad to wet, wild and wonderful 2024 with you.

Tommy V
Tommy V
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