Is Home Water Filtration The Wave Of The Future?

The reason people continue to get into difficult situations with drinking water is because we all want to be told the one word, the one machine, the one answer that holds the vast mysteries of life about water. We all want the fountain of youth. We want vitamin water! We want magical water!

Thirty years of my life I have solved water problems, and still, each one I face is a new and unique challenge. I look at Flint, Michigan and see the same thing. 100,000 citizens still in as much danger as ever before, all because a bunch of self-appointed experts want to sell that one-magical-answer. That answer doesn’t exist, but we are still ready to jeopardize the health of our babies, all because we want to brag about buying the latest $4,000 super-cool home water treatment system.

So let me make it easy. If you take the responsibility of purchasing water filtration technology for your family, the chances that you will permanently steal the health of your loved ones and damage it irreparably, are very good. Good enough that I would bet on it if Vegas laid such odds.

In simple terms, we need to ask ourselves; what is our knowledge of Chemistry? Lab analysis? Biology? Physics? Bio-materials? Pumps? Membranes? Carbon? Ion exchange resin? Filtration elements? Next we need to ask; do I have a home laboratory capable of meeting EPA standards so that I can assure my family safety?

Also let’s ask ourselves, “how will we monitor the water coming in to our home filtration system?  We know from Flint, Michigan just how fatal a simple change in water source can cause. I assure you the multi-million dollar Flint filtration system is a heck of a lot more elaborate than anything we are going to buy on HSN or at Home Depot.

The best thing we can do to assure ourselves of safe drinking water, is to stop looking for one-sentence answers and undertake a study of water. A textbook study, not a Google study. Until then, our best bet is to trust our local water treatment plants, with the important caveat of all of us getting better educated about water.

Tommy V
Tommy V
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