My Advice To The People Of Flint

Experts are a dime a dozen, and they are all flocking to your town. Brokovich blames chloramine, and the governor is “going to fix it”. The man has no training in water. He has no way to know if his new experts are as dumb as the ones who poisoned you.

If you were my loved ones, I would tell you, do not again drink water out of your tap. Not until a true list of safeguards has been performed to your satisfaction. 

  1. The city needs to pay to cut out a number of pipes known to have lead in them. Here is the deal, over years, calcium scale of the mildly hard Lake Huron has coated the inside of your pipes. That coating has protected the pipes from leaking, and the citizens from metal contamination.
  2. The city needs to test and demonstrate that new water running through those pipes will not continue to leach lead. I believe they cannot do this. I believe that the integrity of your pipes has been shot to hell, and I believe that the metals, over time are going to continue to leach out.
  3. Regardless of the city’s ability to provide potable water now, you fine people need to look into whatever legal action is required to place a proper, whole-house water purification system in every Flint home that asks for one. The costs of filters and upkeep should be also paid by the city.

The people in charge have completely, without a doubt demonstrated to you that they do not have the wherewithal to provide safe water. Don’t trust them, ever again!

Tommy V
Tommy V
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