My Aversion To Home Water Treatment Products

By far the most popular question I get asked is “What Is The Best Home Drinking Water System”. This is also the most infuriating question that I get asked. What infuriates me is that water is a highly complex entity and it cannot be understood without first have some mastery of college-level chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics and engineering skills. Adding to the frustration we must consider that now two water sources present the same water chemistry, behavior and challenges. What works on one source water may turn out to be a totally worthless approach on a different water source.

Frustration doesn’t end there. Not only are most consumers not scientifically competent, but in most cases the individuals selling home drinking water technology, whether it be a DIY store, a plumbing services company, or shopping channel spokesperson also has very little, if any training in water science.

Armed with nationwide water problem reports, impressive color tests, easy-to-operate products and apocalyptic scare tactics, those who market water products have a naive, albeit concerned public lining up to be fleeced.

The biggest problem with home water treatment technology is that the final product water is devoid of chlorine. This means that the water will begin to grow bacteria, algae, fungi, amoebas, protozoans, mold and yeast the very moment it is processed through the product.

Seldom do home water products offer proper, and frequent sanitization capabilities. I have never seen a home water purification product that offered proper post-production sanitization, or in other words, provisions for keeping the water clean once it was made clean.

Am I saying not to buy home water purification technology? No, not at all. What I am saying though is to be cautious. Your local municipality is regulated by the Clean Water Act and the EPA. Once you decide to treat your own water, it is logical that you also must have your own water lab to test the water at least as often and thoroughly as your local utility does.

Remember, once you alter water, it will behave in new ways; good and bad.

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