Nevada – Still leading in Water Sustainability

When it comes to foresight, planning, good leadership and water management, by far, the state of Nevada leads the world in understanding water sustainability. On my frequent trips to Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada, I am ever impressed and in awe with the entire Lake Meade/Colorado River water management system. If you have never been to this part of the world, you really should visit and take some time to learn about Lake Meade.

For all the quotes that yesterday’s blog post featured, one only has to look at the Las Vegas area to see the impact water has on health, lifestyle and economics. Ray Kinsella said “build it and they will come”, and the millions living and prospering in the Las Vegas area surely bear this out.

What is particularly amazing and interesting to me is how the state responds proactively and heads off potential water crises in this area. The article linked below tells the story of a new $817 million project the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) undertook to make sure that continuing drought would not destroy the livelihood of the area. Now, truth be told, there are good reasons to believe that the recent upturn on rains our West will continue to raise Lake Meade, and this new, “deeper straw” that pulls water from further down into the depths of the lake won’t ever be needed. But if it does, Nevada has protected itself.

Hats off to the leadership in Nevada and the SNWA.

Nevada – Model of Water Sustainability

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