Understanding Water Contaminants – Part 1

From the time I graduated college I have been tormented with the task of trying to explain what I do for a living to people. The chemistry, biology, physics and very nature of water are complex, intertwined and full of live-affecting implications to everyone. Even now, in the age of horrible water scarcity, misconceptions about water flourish. Perhaps even worse,  many are convinced that water is such a simple thing, there…

Encouraging Input

I have scheduled a new series to begin that identifies the 2 types of water contaminants. As you guys visit and re-tweet this stuff, I would love to hear your feed back, your questions, and even suggestions for water topics that interest you. I will be putting up a YouTube channel within the next day or two. Until then, let’s mix it up!


QUESTION: What would happen if you stood in a kiddie pool full of water and dropped in an electrical cord with bare wires at the pool end, and that was plugged into and active 120 Volt wall socket at the other end? Boy is this one going “shock you” ! ANSWER: Actually, nothing would happen to you. No, really, nothing would happen to you.