The Benefits Of Memphis Water – Volume 1

If you aren’t aware of it, Memphis water is something special. Featured with natural softness, low organics, low bacteria, low sediment and low total dissolved solids (TDS) Memphis water provides sustainability, health, safety and great economic benefit to it’s citizens and near-by residents. This, the first in a continuing series of articles, seeks to educate the public as to just how important and special Memphis water is. I hope you…

Cool, Clear Water Surfaces As Calling Card For Memphis Economic Development

California’s thirsty reservoirs may hold only a year’s worth of water and it took record-breaking rains and flooding this year to end drought in Texas. Yet in Memphis, artesian wells release from the underground Memphis Aquifer an average of 135 million gallons of water used a day, water so pure that experts say it can save millions of dollars in costs for various types of industries.