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Open Tap, Drink Poison | Tom Volinchak

Written by Tom Volinchak

Open Tap, Drink Poison – Let’s Fix It
In 2022, more than 75 million Americans drank poisoned water. Annually, more than 1,000 US municipal water systems fail to meet the requirements of the EPA Safe Drinking Water Act. We can no longer open our tap and feel safe about the water we drink. This book, the first of its kind, will help readers develop the required skills to assure that the water they drink will always be safe.

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Tom designed a water purification system for our beverage bottling plant. His design and expert consulting services enabled us to win major bottling contracts for products such as Monster Drink and Arizona Iced Tea. He also helped us establish industry credibility with entities like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and more.

Carolyn Hardy
Hardy Beverages
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Tom provided engineering, design and service work that improved the quality and ease of operation of our pure water systems while at the same time lowering our monthly costs.

David Dunlap
Operations and Maintenance Manager, Research Facilities
Saint Jude Children’s Hospital
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Tom took a problematic dialysis water treatment system that was constantly suffering bacterial contamination and turned it into a reliable, sterile system for the patients receiving treatment at St. Elizabeth Hospital, in Youngstown, Ohio. 

Chester A. Amedia, Jr. MD
Saint Elizabeth Hospital – Mercy Hospital
Department of Nephrology
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As a freight hauler for heavy industry we ran into grease and oil disposal regulations with our wash-water. Tom designed a portable centrifuge/filtration unit that enabled us to reuse a substantial amount of the wash-water and separate the oil and grease for sale to a reclaimer. His innovation had a major impact on our bottom line.

Gerald Poulos
JP Transit
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I have had the pleasure of working with Tom on several ion exchange projects and his knowledge of water technology and chemistry has always provided our company with good insight. I will call on Tom again as new separation applications arise.

Mike Shankle
Product Development Technical Director
Drexel Chemical Company
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When our plant water softener went down, Tom responded with emergency, portable exchange services before his competition even returned my phone calls. He provided support on a Saturday, and repaired our aging system to get it back running again. His customer care performance is stellar.

Goetz Stobbe
Paper Machine Supervisor
Cascades Tissue Group
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