Berkey Filter Taking Heat? News Flash NSF/ANSI Doesn’t Guarantee Squat!

The Berkey Water Filter has come under criticism because  or reports that the filter was not able to process as many gallons of water as advertised. Upon release of this news, proponents of NSF and ANSI poured out of the woodwork proclaiming, “AH HA, this is because the Berkey does not bear the NSF certifications”. “AH HA, this is what happens when you purchase a non-certified filter.” An article by…

How Can We Remove Bacteria From Water?

Ultrafilters, especially steam sanitizable ceramic filters are tremendously effective at removing bacteria. In general a filter with a pore size of 0.2 microns or smaller does an excellent job of removing bacteria. Both of these technologies are used in medicine and industry with great and repeatable success. RO also removes 99.9% of bacteria when operating in spec.