drinking water

Biochar, Concrete and Water!

This blog post comes courtesy of Claude Abraham, Ph.D. candidate in electrical engineering. Claude posed the question. “Tom, I have been following your work in

Drinking Water
What Is The Proper Water pH?

One of the hottest topics in the conversation about drinking water is pH. As it turns out a lot of the information being shared is

The Universal Language Of Water

We can wax technical about water from now until eternity but have you ever stopped to think how much we cannot explain about water? Why

Drinking Water
Can Drinking Water Be Too Pure?

Man is on a constant journey to find the ultimate drinking water. Pure water, pure water, I tell ya, damn it, we want pure water.

Drinking Water
How Safe Is My Well Water?

Well water, or more accurately groundwater that is pumped up by way of a well, has been for centuries considered a very safe source of

Drinking Water
What Is The Future Of Your Water?

The infrastructure of America’s water systems is aged and failing. Pipes are old, leaking and failing. Treatment plants are struggling more and more to meet

How Does Industry Measure Water Quality?

One of the least understood aspects of water is the measurement of quality. In it’s pure form, water has no contaminants in it. You might

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