What Your Mask Will and Will Not Do!

4 months ago, I was the only one on record, in print, at least that I am aware of, that predicted no matter what we do, Covid-19 cases were going to escalate at ever increasing rates. Even if you are the most ardent believer in masks and Fauci the CDC, and the WHO you cannot deny that none of them have been able to stand by their stories. Over-and-over, these…

Nature About To Expose Fauci The Fraud – Be Attentive!

By forcing us all to wear masks, Anthony Fauci has painted himself into a corner into which he will soon be the target of merciless evisceration and exposure as a failure. There are two things he is noted for that will ultimately be his downfall. He is on record saying that masks will slow/tame the virus He has pressured America into mask mandates and has eliminated public gatherings