Nature About To Expose Fauci The Fraud – Be Attentive!

By forcing us all to wear masks, Anthony Fauci has painted himself into a corner into which he will soon be the target of merciless evisceration and exposure as a failure. There are two things he is noted for that will ultimately be his downfall. He is on record saying that masks will slow/tame the virus He has pressured America into mask mandates and has eliminated public gatherings

Face Masks And Covid-19 Move Over For Science!

To say that the public direction given by Anthony Fauci, The CDC and The World Health Organization (The Three Bozos) has been errant and haphazard would be an understatement. To say that I prefer to be writing about water and not this crap is also an understatement. However, I have a lifelong love affair with science and when I see it bastardized I find it impossible to hold back. Once…