Plastic! Green and Good for Earth.

Tom, are you bullshitting me? Surely, you are just saying this for shock value. There is no way plastic is good for the planet! Liberals, environmentalists, activists and other folks with no science background (This includes you satchel ass Ph D. types as well), sit back and let me teach you about the Earth, and what green actually consists of. Let me educate you about the environmental benefits of plastic.

Attention Water Bottlers – Help Us!

I am a fan of bottled water. For convenience, emergency, and specialty needs,  it serves many of us very well. The industry provides jobs not only in the factory, but in transportation, packaging, water purification technology, lab testing, and of course jobs in warehouse, distribution and retail sales. I read also recently that bottled water has now overtaken carbonated “pop” as the number one beverage in the world. The trend…