Should I Put Reverse Osmosis Technology In My Home?

Reverse Osmosis technology (RO) is considered by most vendors as the Cadillac of home water filtration. It is a central technology in industry, healthcare, food, beverage, bio-pharm, automotive, marine, drinking water and many other applications that are staple to our lives. Used properly it is literally a miracle technology. However, RO is not a panacea and like all water treatment technologies, it changes the properties of water. Let us look…

Home Water Filter Shortcoming #1 – Activated Carbon

In the near future Glanris, Inc., will be releasing a new brand of home water filters offering technology and engineering never before offered in any home water product. Pretty big claim, yeah? Well stay tuned and be wow’d. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at why your home filter never seems to deliver as it is advertised.