Glanris Brings Green Solutions To Metal Finishers

There is no more vital industry to civilization that the metal finishing industry. Whether it is the shiny finish on your tools, silverware, keys, car, furniture or computer, or the finish on an orthopedic replacement joint, or the electrical components inside of solar panels, cell phones and all electrical goods, you can thank the metal finishing industry for providing it to you.

Should I Buy A Salt-less Water Softener?

Today’s question comes to us from a guy named Igor Pimpik, hailing out of Potatohead, Idaho. Actually, it came from one of my readers on Quora. It is a question I have been asked a bunch so I decided to jump in and get wet. First of all, there is no such thing as a salt-less water softener. These non-salt devices can be more properly called water conditioners although they…