Does RO Remove All Bacteria?

By specification commercial RO membranes state that they remove 99.9% of bacteria. This in no way indicates that RO removes all bacteria. At any given time the rejection of bacteria may indeed be 100%, but this will never be the case 24/7/365 If the inquiry is to determine if RO water is sterile and can be counted on to be bacteria free, the answer is an absolute no. Here are…

Reverse Osmosis – Part Three Of Three

Now that we know how to create an RO process in a two-compartment tank, we need to know how to build an actual RO machine that will give us a continuous flow of purified water. We need five ingredients to convert our RO tank to become a purified water-producing machine capable of continuous flow;


In the last blog post we learned what osmosis was and saw a visual of what it was. To reiterate, in Osmosis cleaner water moves from the less concentrated side of a semipermeable membrane into the side where there is contamination. The problem with this is is that we can never achieve high purity water because there will always be contaminants on both side of the membrane.