The Universal Language Of Water

We can wax technical about water from now until eternity but have you ever stopped to think how much we cannot explain about water?

Why is it that if we are tired and achy a brisk shower can rejuvenate us? Why is it that a bath can relax us and send us into dreamland? What is it about lakes, oceans, rivers, streams, and fountains that hypnotize us? Why does the sight of a swimming pool chase away doldrums and make us think of parties and good times? Is anything more spectacular than a mega-gulp of ice water, or a chilling spray from a garden hose when were are parched and sun-beaten?

What is the adjective to describe how we can fear and respect the giant waves of an ocean, but yet feel totally comfortable about swimming, surfing, boating or simply jumping into them?

What is it about water that has caused men like Ponce de Leon to seek out specimens that are believed to have healing/youth-giving or life-enhancing properties? Why is the market for new bottled water and filter technologies infinite and hungry for new water? What is it about water that drives us to seek out the elusive best water?

How powerful is water? We have it as screensavers, and also as gateways to amusement parks, casinos, hotels, parks, neighborhoods, and shopping meccas. And how powerful is the universal nature of water? All these things we feel and sense about water are common to humanity. No matter your background, origin or beliefs, water really is universal to all of us. Some say that music is the universal language?


Tommy V
Tommy V
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