Today I was interviewed and recorded on local public radio WKNO. I was asked to share my views on a controversy surrounding TVA drilling wells and using Memphis groundwater to cool it’s new combined-cycle power plant. The local Sierra club has launched a petition to recall the permits that TVA was granted to drill the said wells.

Since 1900 local government has granted well permits, and a conservative estimate is that 1,200 wells currently exist on this water source. In all that time, not one granted well has been problematic, depleted water reserves, nor caused contamination. You would think logic would prevail, wouldn’t you? If current oversight has been flawless for 116 years, isn’t that pretty much evidence enough that the permitted wells the TVA installed are indeed safe?

The science to this resoundingly proves that the TVA pose no more threat to the local groundwater than do any of the other 1,200 – 2,000 wells that currently pull from the aquifer. So one has to ask, with scientific support falling thunderously on the side of the TVA wells being put to use, why is there a protest?

BOOM! There is the $64,000 question.

The real protest you see, is nothing more than self-serving, misdirected emotionalism disguised as environmental stewardship. Never before has local government, the mayor, and the residents been so vocal and visible about wells. So why now? Well, the answer is simple; this fiasco offers photo opportunities, self-promotion opportunities, votes to scare up, and chances to launch new careers as water experts.

I will post a link to the show when it airs. In the meantime Ii have provided a link to the station website. There are probably some streaming options you can tie into and get notifications from.  The host, Christopher Blank was very cordial and very well prepared. I look forward to hearing the edited show next week.


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