What is the best water to drink? Part 1

I hear the most misconceptions about water when people talk about the water they drink. Some people brag that their water is the best, and others curse that theirs is the worst. People who have a favorite bottled water or home drinking system will jump at the opportunity to brag on why they are drinking something special. Lest we not forget that Coor’s Beer commercials have convinced many people that the mountain brooks and streams of Colorado provide the best water in the world

It is worth remembering that unless you are drinking water from a lake, stream ocean or spring, you are drinking water that has been tampered with. This is true. Whether it comes from a bottle or your tap, someone, some company has used chemicals and/or filtration equipment to treat and otherwise alter the water you drink.

So, before you start bragging on your water, you best learn who manipulated that water and how they did it. Otherwise, you are really just guessing as to how good or bad your water is.


Tommy V
Tommy V
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