What Is The Future Of Your Water?

The infrastructure of America’s water systems is aged and failing. Pipes are old, leaking and failing. Treatment plants are struggling more and more to meet safe drinking water standards. We are experiencing more drinking water failures and toxic contamination that at any time in our history.

As our rain-water falls and percolates across our lands, the storm-water it becomes carries the contaminants of civilization into our lakes, rives, reservoirs and aquifers. There is nothing man can do to stop the ever increasing pollution that each new rain brings into our water resources.

Finally, the US doesn’t have a water czar nor a National Water Policy that could earmark enough funds for a long-term fix of our impending water problems. Without major allocation of federal funding and effort, our water situation will continue to degrade.

My advice to you, the average consumer, is to become educated about water. This is no easy task because there is not one single authority test to help you. Water understanding requires command of chemistry, physics, biology, physics, mechanics, mathematics and

chemical engineering.

In times to come, water purification is going to become more and more a responsibility of the individual, The days in which a municipality delivers safe drinking water are fast coming to an end. One day soon, the local municipality will deliver what may be called “Secondary Water”, that is to say, a water that has more of the bad stuff removed, but that requires you, the consumer to treat it further to achieve safe drinking water.


Tommy V
Tommy V
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